Money Talks: Small Business Saturday

Chip Edgar owns a hardware store - no easy job with competitors like Home Depot and special shopping days like Black Friday. But Black Friday's now no longer the only game in town...

So what did more than 100 million people do last year on the day after Black Friday? They shopped locally on Small Business Saturday.

American Express started Small Business Saturday a couple of years ago, to help give small businesses across the country a boost. And if you're a card holder, you can get up to a 25 dollar credit on your statement, just for spending 25 dollars or more at a qualified small business on November 24. That's free money!

I know what you're thinking: we need another designated shopping day like we need a hole in the head. But consider small businesses. These guys have a very tough row to hoe. They compete against Wal-Mart. They compete against Home Depot. But you know what, they're your neighbors. They employ people in your community and pay taxes where you live.

So as yet another shopping season unfolds, here's an idea: Shop your local merchants too, not just on Small Business Saturday, but every shopping day you can.

"We need to stay with what America was built on, which is small business," said Edgar.

The 25 dollar American Express deal is limited and requires advanced registration. For more information visit

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