Money Talks: Stocks as Holiday Gifts

If you plan your child's future correctly, they could be floating through life stress and worry free, at least when it comes to money. And one gift idea to get them saving, is find their favorite things, and buy into that company's stock.

Maybe your kids TM kids can't spend a day without Barbie or Mickey Mouse. Well then maybe you should buy them a share or two of Mattel or Disney, and then help them follow it. They're going to learn a lot about the stock market and it's really important.

If your child is into clothes, see if some their favorite brands are publicly traded companies. You'll probably find that most are.

McDonalds is a favorite among young investors, so is Disney, Coke, Mattel, even Kellogg. These are all good companies too. When you buy that stock, see if you can get the certificate so they can actually see what it looks like. If not, make one!

Other ideas to help kids start building an early nest-egg? Contributing to a Roth IRA, or better yet, a college savings account. Even the old favorite, US Savings Bonds.

But don't just give and forget. You've go to help your kid follow that stock so they really begin to understand it.

Bottom line? Stocks may be seem boring for a kid. But you know what? They don't use batteries, they don't wear out, and do it right and you could change a life.

Want more information? It TMs waiting for you at and do a search for "stock investing."

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