Money Talks: Taking the Bite Out of Dental Bills

If having a stranger TMs hands in your mouth isn TMt bad enough, odds are good you TMre swallowing the cost.

According to the National Association of Dental plans, 45% of Americans don TMt have dental insurance.

But that doesn TMt mean you have to just grin and bear it. There are ways to get it done for less.

We do our work here with top notch facilities, top technical materials, and excellent faculty supervising, and you will pay probably 50%, or a little less than 50%, of the normal fee.

At this local dental school, patients are getting quality treatment at almost half price. And while having a student in your mouth may sound scary, it really isn TMt.

They all know they are totally supervised by faculty, some of the top dentists in the state, and each step must be checked off by the faculty.

If you get paid by the hour, however, this may not be your solution.

Because this is a teaching situation, some patients find procedures may take longer than you TMre used to.

You have to have time, because it TMs a teaching school, they have to go through so many things, they have to make sure that the teachers check everything they TMre doing so it takes a little longer.

And it may also take longer to get there|schools aren TMt on every corner. But you can see a list of them at the American Dental Association website.

If the school idea doesn TMt have teeth, maybe you should check out a dental plan.

This isn TMt insurance: just lower-priced services: you TMll pay 10 to 15 bucks a month, and save up to 50%. You can also see what plans, if any, your current dentist accepts.

Bottom line? There are ways to save serious money on dental bills. But that TMs doesn TMt mean you shouldn TMt brush and floss.