Money Talks: Tax Forms Not Ready Until February 14th

You've probably already heard that due to the new tax law signed in late December, the IRS may not be ready for your taxes yet.

If you itemize your deductions on Schedule A, Uncle Sam doesn't want to hear from you till Valentine's day.

Also true if you claim the Higher Education Tuition and Fees Deduction, or the Educator Expense Deduction.

But even if you can't file now, let's get you chomping at the bit with some 2010 tax-year changes that might put some extra money in your pocket.

For example, the the American Opportunity Tax Credit: it's gets you a credit of $2,500 for tuition and books, and is a bit more flexible than the credit it replaced: the hope credit.

Did you contract to buy a house before April 30th of last year and close before September 30th?

Unless your income's too high, you've got an $8,000 tax credit coming if you're a first-timer and $6,500 if you're not.

Here's something good for rich folks: Itemized deductions and personal exemptions normally phase out for those with high income.

In 2010, though, those limits have been repealed

And here's something good for the not so rich: the Earned Income Tax Credit went up by $600 for families with three or more kids, and it's easier to qualify.

Something for everyone this year: the lazy, the rich, and the not so rich.