Money Talks: Tax Hacks 2013 " Free Tax Filing

Tax Hacks 2013

Taxes can be complicated, and the slightest oversight could mean leaving major money on the table. Good reasons to pay big bucks for a pro. Or is it?

There are so many ways to file your taxes free, it's really amazing anyone pays. For example, if you made 51 grand or less than last year, you can probably get free filing from VITA: Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. They have thousands of offices nationwide.

Since 1968, AARP has helped more than 50 million people file their taxes free. They also have thousands of sites and look for those 60 or over with low to mid income.

And even if you're too young or make too much to get free personal assistance, there are still ways to do your taxes absolutely free.

There are websites that supply free tax preparation and even free electronic filing. They charge for state returns - I found prices ranging from 10 to 30 dollars, so do compare before you start.

Then there's IRS FreeFile. Free online software and e-filing if your income is less than 57 grand. And if you're willing to file with online forms, you can do that and file electronically free, no matter what your income.

And then, of course, there's free help for everyone. Either in person at the IRS office, or on one of their toll-free numbers.

Bottom line? If all you want to do is file a Federal tax return, you should be able to find a way to do it cheap or even free. Want more information on free tax filing or anything else tax-related? Go to and search for "Tax Hacks 2013."

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