Money Talks: The Best Way to Score Cheap Tickets

"We want to make our customers feel confident they don't have to wake up and buy the tickets when the tickets go on sale they can call us the day of the event. They can get really good seats to a really high demand show and know that the tickets are going to be good," said Leena Siegendorf, of

They used to be called scalpers - people who, by various means, get tickets to games, shows, concerts - whatever - and try to resell them at a profit. But these days you're less likely to find them at the venue.

And more likely to find them online. There are hundreds of ticket brokers competing online, buying blocks of tickets, hoping to sell high. But sometimes they fumble and have to sell low.

"You get them through the team for 50 - we're offering them for 10 bucks - if that. So you can get some really good deals for events that aren't as popular," Siegendorf said.

So check ticket brokers - especially last minute or for less popular events. But be careful. Confine your search to giant sites like

Or members of the National Association of ticket brokers, a trade organization whose members agree to ethical standards.

Other ideas? Sites like eBay or Craigslist might have people looking to ditch tickets. Then, there are still people at the venue...

And remember, this is an area rife with counterfeits and other rip-offs. Caution: that's the ticket.

Bottom line? As with many things, the path to savings is to shop around and keep your eye on the ball. More advice and links at Money Talks