Money Talks: The Champagne Taste Test

For many people, toasting with a bit of bubbly is the preferred way to ring in the New Year.

While people call everything that sparkles champagne, that's not technically true.

"Champagne can only be produced in the Champagne region of France, nowhere else. They can produce it the same way, but cannot call it champagne," said Chris Skillicorn, of the 7th Street Wine Company.

But whatever you call it - sparkling wine or champagne - one things for sure... it can cost a ton! Which begs the question: when it comes to sheer taste, are you getting what you pay for?

To find out, we did a blind taste taste with $10 sparkling wine, and a $50 bottle of champagne.

In our taste test, more people preferred the 10 dollar bottle, but a few who enjoy champagne chose the $50 stuff. So here's a situation where you pay more - 5 times more - when you don't really need to. Do your own taste test. Then, if you like the cheap stuff, buy it.

Bottom line? Bubbly doesn't have to break the bank! For more info or other taste tests, go to and search for "taste test."

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