Money Talks: Tricks of the Trade Restaurants

Eating out is relaxing and it's fun. But when it comes to cost, it's easy to bite off more than you can chew.

And restaurants used tried and true techniques to get you to spend more. Being aware of those can help you take a bite out of that food bill.

For example, salty snacks at the bar may seem like free food, but the bar uses them to make you thirstier. Next, take a look at your menu - see those creative names? Research has proven they increase sales. So does putting things in a box.

Making you wait for a table... now there's a common technique that boosts liquor sales.

Even glasses and plates can be stacked against you. Studies show people drink more from short, wide glasses. And smaller plates make portions look bigger.

Then there's the classic routine: the upsell. How about an extra side? Want some premium liquor? Don't you want dessert? These are all designed to boost your bill.

Bottom line... there are tons to techniques restaurants use to get you to fork over more money. Knowing the tricks of the trade will help you spend less. Learn more by going to and doing a search for "Restaurants."

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