Money Talks: Wedding Gifts That Keep On Giving

Whether you're a wedding guest-- or the happy couple-- a fun fact of the festivities is gifts. But choosing good gifts can be a challenge.

My favorite things to wrap up for wedding presents are gifts that keep giving. I'm talking about things that save you money or maybe even make you money. Here are some ideas:

First, in the food category: a wine, beer or fruit of the month club. How about cooking classes or food storage items. Next, shopping. In addition to gift cards, warehouse club memberships can be good and an Amazon Prime membership can save on shipping and allows for some free streaming video.

And consider other money-saving gifts, like a triple-A membership for car emergencies, a water filter so they don't have to buy bottled water or even a Netflix membership to cut the cost of cable.

There's also home improvement money savers, such as: programmable thermostats, energy-efficient appliances and LED light bulbs. Finally, life improvement gifts. Open an investment account, give a gift certificate for classes or a session with a career coach.

Bottom line... maybe you should forget traditional gifts. How about gifts that are going to start that couple off with a firm financial foundation. And that's just a short list. I've got lots more ideas. Go to and just do a search for "wedding gifts."