Money Talks: Wedding Insurance

If you TMre planning a summer wedding, you probably already know it could easily cost as much as a new car.

And since you insure your car, maybe you should you insure your wedding.

But since this weekend we got the news we had to move it up, it TMs like oh my goodness, I can TMt sleep, I have to get everything ready, I don TMt think I TMm going to have the time," said bride Melissa Peralta.

After nearly a year of planning, the future Mr. & Mrs. Jose Aguilar had to move their wedding up three months because of a family matter.

The Result? They lost the deposit for the location.

Since we had to move it up forward, they didn TMt have an available date for us and it TMs not reimbursable," said groom Jose Aguilar.

A wedding policy might have helped...but then again, maybe not.

According to Arlene Becora, a veteran wedding planner, wedding plans are derailed all the time.

We have situations where brides and grooms are called to war," said Becora.

"We TMve had circumstances where the bride and/or a groom don TMt show up the day of the wedding.

So, depending on how much you're investing in your wedding, insuring it might be smart.

You can find policies online for anywhere from $150 to $600.

But not every possibility is covered.

Death, hurricane, or military duty? Sure, but if it's just a little rain, probably not; likewise if either party gets cold feet and doesn't show.

Bottom line? Like any insurance, the wedding kind has lots of exclusions.

So read the fine print, and then before you sign on the dotted line, decide if it TMs worth adding to your wedding budget.