Money Talks: Why You Should Buy a House Right Now

Buying a house can be scary. It's not only a big investment, it's one that destroyed the savings of a lot of families just a few years ago. But when it comes to buying or refinancing a house, I've got some advice. Do it. And do it soon. Listen to this clip I got from a real estate professor, just about this time last year:

"It's hard to time exactly at the bottom, but we're so near the bottom, it's really not going to matter if you bought last month, this month, one year from now. You should be getting a good investment if you go ahead and buy today."

That professor was right. In most parts of the country, housing is rebounding. And at a more rapid clip than anyone expected.

Reason number two to buy: interest rates. Thanks to the Federal Reserve, they are so low, it's practicallyridiculous.

To be able to borrow mortgage money at less than 4 percent is a screaming deal. And mark my words: If you don't, 10 years from now - maybe less - you'll wish you had.

Now obviously, not everyone should even buy a house, and not every house is a good deal. And you've got time: neither rates nor prices are going to increase radically overnight. But when you can buy something at the same price it was 10 years ago, and borrow money at less than 4 percent to do it? I'd consider it.

Of course, buying a house is complicated, and so if finding the right mortgage. That's why we've got lots more information on exactly how to do it, right here at

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For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.