Money Talks: Worth It or Not?

Should you lease or buy your next car? Should you rent or purchase a house? What investments should you choose?

Seems like every day we're faced with financial decisions, and the effects of those decisions can really make a difference in our lives. So it's so important that we choose well.

This is Jack Otter. He wrote a book called "Worth It... Not Worth It" - it's full of short answers to a whole bunch of financial questions.

I recently met up with Jack outside the New York Stock Exchange and I put him to the test: I asked him for instant answers to 10 common questions.

His answers: 1. Borrow for college or don't go? Go to college. If you have to borrow, fine. 2. Credit Union or Bank? Credit union. Cheaper. 3. Date someone at work or not? Under 30, don't do it. Over 30, try it. 4. Houses: Buy vs. Rent Now's a great time to buy, as long as you're ready to settle down. 5. Fixed rate mortgage or adjustable? Fixed rate. 6. Cars: Lease or Buy? Buy. Always a better deal. 7. Hot mutual fund or one with low expenses? Low expenses. Go with an index fund. 8. Credit Card: Cash back or Reward? Cash back. 9. Kids: Allowance, or pay for chores? Give them a small allowance, pay for big chores. 10. Roth or Traditional IRA? Roth IRA. Save on taxes later.

There you have it...10 quick answers to 10 common questions. And if you want the explanations, or more answers, just go to and do a search for "Money Questions".

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