Brownsville city commissioners trying to fight obesity with farmers market

Nearly one in three Brownsville residents are overweight,making it one of the un-healthiest cities in the nation.

With a simple day at the Brownsville Farmers Market, city commissioners are hoping to fight obesity.

It TMs a goal to get residents to eat and live healthier.

According to UT School of Public Health, 52% of Brownsville residents are obese,32% overweight and of those, 19% have diabetes.

That is why the city of Brownsville and organizations such as Su Clinica Familiar, decided to start the Brownsville Farmers Market.

Brownsville residents can get a weeks TM worth of healthy food, at an affordable price.

The city is also educating students on the effects of healthy eating.

After school programs along with nutritional lunches have been added to Brownsville schools.

Dr. Rose Gowen said a healthy life style must start at a young age.

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