Call 4 Action - Woman needs medical transport

Irma Flores is confined to a small room and is not able to move from her bed.

Flores relies on the help and support of her husband to get her through the day.

He TMs my angel my support, said Flores.Flores said she has lost everything including her freedom.

Both of her legs were amputated and she has lost almost all of her eyesight because of diabetes.

"It's real hard because you have bills to pay and then you have to go to dialysis and go through treatments," said Flores.

But now she faces losing another vital part to her already limited life transportation to her dialysis treatments.

"My ambulance says they can't take my anymore, said Flores. I don't have a way of getting to my dialysis.

Irma just can TMt get into a vehicle and got to treatments.

She said she and her husband Ramiro tried that once before and it almost cost them both a trip to the hospital.

"I tried it and she almost fell on me and we both got real scared, said Ramiro. We haven't tried it since them... she won't do it."

Ramiro gets choked up each and every time he talks about his wife TMs condition and said he just wants to give her the help she needs.

"Her legs have been amputated she is legally blind but no one can help her," said Ramiro.

We took these concerns to Congressman Ruben Hinojosa.

They have since spoken with Irma and Ramiro to try and find a solution.

They tell us, right now, their main focus is to get Flores the transportation she needs to get to and from treatments.

They also said they will work on getting Irma equipment that will help her get around her home and appeal Medicare TMs denial for assistance.