Call 4 Action: San Benito elderly man fights for A/C

Armando Tamez struggles to speak.

The 65-year-old suffers from heart disease and diabetes.

He had a stroke three years ago.

In these hot summer months, Tamez told Action 4 News he can't afford to fix the air conditioning at his San Benito rental home.

"I have to have the door open so air can come in, said Tamez. But sometimes it's too hot."

Tamez depends on fans to keep his house cool.

He believes his landlord is to blame for not fixing his air conditioning.

"He's been neglecting me for a long time, even though I pay him the rent, said Tamez.

Tamez also wants his landlord to install handicap rails in the bathroom.

He told Action 4 News he's called the landlord several times with no results.

When Action 4 News called Tamez's landlord, we got an answer.

"If he looks at his rental agreement, the A.C. is his responsibility, said the landlord. I don't warranty that through the contract."

Turns out, Tamez's lease agreement holds Tamez responsible for all repairs.

The Fair Housing Act does not require Tamez TMs landlord to install any handicap equipment.

Tamez said he has no choice but to tough it out.

Try to be strong, said Tamez.

After a discussion with the landlord, the landlord did agree to fix Tamez's air conditioning at no cost to Tamez.

The air conditioning did get fixed Thursday.

As for the handicap railings, Tamez doesn't know how he will afford them.

If you would like to help Tamez, call Action 4 News at (956) 366-4422 or email us at

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