Freshman lawmaker responds to critics

He's characterized as a crazy, right-winged extremist in certain campaign ads.

To some, U.S. Representative Blake Farenthold of Texas District 27 is stubborn, remembered as unwilling to budge when the government faced shutdown.

To others, he's a wimpy Tea Parties, giving in when voting for the current budget.

That's an indication you are where you need to be, said Farenthold on criticism from both parties. When both extremes are not happy, that's where you found compromise."

That compromise could hurt Farenthold in the future.

He told Action 4 News he TMd be alright if he became just a one-term congressman.

"I'm for getting rid of unnecessary government regulations, said Farenthold. I'm for getting people back to work, but I am going to be a stickler when it comes to wasting taxpayers TM hard earned money."

Farenthold admitted he has not brought many jobs to Brownsville.

He said he TMs working to open domestic ports to cruise lines.

He said he believes it'll spur job growth.

"Imagine cruising from let TMs say Florida to Mobile to New Orleans to Galveston to Corpus Christi to Brownsville and back, said Farenthold. A great week long cruise, and it would help every city on that track.

But when it comes to money, nothing may be costing Brownsville more than diabetes.

Already billions of dollars have been spent on treatment and research.

Action 4 News asked Blake Farenthold if he should be setting a better example with his own weight

I'd love to lose some weight, said Farenthold. It's not as easy done as it is said."

It appears working in Washington is no easy task either.

Farenthold said he's not discouraged.

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