Money Talks News: Looking Better for Less

"It was hard for me to walk, it was hard for me to sit down, hard to sleep."

For Carol Sanders, the effects of diabetes were both emotional and physical.

"I just lost my husband to diabetes and I know what diabetes can do."

Carol's doctor suggested she join a gym to boost her health. It was an extra expense she couldn't afford... until she got a scholarship from the YMCA.

"No matter what your financial situation, we have something that will help you and your family. That's why we're here. That's why we're part of the community."

So there are gyms that are going to cut you a break if you can't afford traditional memberships. And that's not the only option you can exercise to get in better financial shape while you get in better physical shape.

Check community centers, churches and schools in your area to see if they offer exercise classes or gym memberships.

Use your computer or smart phone for workout tips and routines. And to max out those savings, ditch those gym and exercise at home.

"I learned how to eat. I learned how to count carbs. I learned how to measure my food. And I do all that. And since I've been coming, it's been two years now. I've lost 40 pounds."

Bottom line... getting in good shape not only makes you feel good, it's the single best way to lower your medical expenses. But you know what? Spending a bunch of money to do it is just an exercise in waste.

Want more tips to help you get in better shape for less? Just go to and search for"Looking Better for Less."

For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.

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