Murdered father remembered as family awaits second trial of accused daughter

Rodolfo Delgado was allegedly killed by his biological daughter, 32-year-old Alicia Delgado.

A McAllen widow and her children are still trying to get justice for the death of her husband and the man who voluntarily raised her children as his own.

Rodolfo Delgado was allegedly killed July 28, 2013 by his biological daughter, 32-year-old Alicia Delgado.

Shocking the entire family and leaving them without the man who loved them fully, without expecting anything in return.

The Delgado family never imagined that last year would be the final time they'd spend Father's Day together with Rodolfo.

"We are used to taking him his cake, his chocolate cake with strawberries on top usually on Father TMs Day, Ruby Olgin, Rodolfo TMs stepdaughter, said. We would get up early and go eat with him."

Rodolfo loved to have a good time with his family.

Planning trips to the beach and barbecue with his wife, Zulema Delgado and stepchildren, which he raised as his own after their father passed away.

"Trying to get his grandkids and children together most of the time that TMs what he wanted, Olgin said. You know every weekend he wanted us there; turn on the music let TMs just dance and have a good time." However, 2013 brought trouble for the family when Alicia Delgado moved in with the couple.

Zulema tells Action 4 News that her family welcomed Alicia, but she didn't show the same respect towards them, not even towards her own father.

"Saying a lot of f-words, calling me bad words and I told my husband about it and I said I can't live like that, Zulema Delgado said. I am not used to living like that, the house dirty, and the bathroom dirty."

Then, after seven months of altercations, things took a turn for the worst on July 28th.

Witnesses told police Rodolfo was beaten to death by his own daughter.

Zulema says Rodolfo was an ill man who suffered from diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety and depression.

Alicia was charged with murder.

However, four days ago the judge in this case ruled a mistrial after jurors could not come up with a verdict.

The Delgado family is disappointed and still has no answers as to why Alicia allegedly did such a horrible thing to her own father.

"Hard for me, very hard, I don TMt let him go, Zulema Delgado said. I talk to him every night, I tell him, ~why did you have to leave? TM Now I am by myself, I need you. You should have never ever brought her here."

The family wants justice for the man who voluntarily cared for all of them for 21 years and only gave them love.

"Happy Father's Day Dad, Olgin said. We are still here and we got your back. We love you, we miss you."

Throughout the trial, Alicia maintained her innocence claiming self-defense.

A new trial starts July 14th.

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