Sharyland ISD educates parents on diabetes

November is national diabetes month.

Sharyland ISD is hoping to educate parents about the disease. They say it's an epidemic that's already impacting our community.

Parents and educators in Sharyland School District came together Monday to learn how to curb the growing number of children with diabetes.

Doctor Marcel Twahirwa who works with diabetics at the Joslin Diabetes Center, told those present there is a way to fight diabetes.

"The best way to prevent diabetes is to focus on obesity and education and our life styles, Twahirwa said.

Twahirwa says there is a direct correlation between diabetes and education levels and socioeconomic status.

"The poorer you are, and more uneducated, the more likely you are to become diabetic, Twahirwa said.

Michelle Flores' 9 year old son was diagnosed with type one diabetes when he was two.

While she says it's hard thing to deal with as a kid, having a support group makes it a lot easier.

"Once these kids interact with other kids it TMs easier for them because they don TMt feel alone and don TMt feel weird, Flores said.

Flores says working with the school is also crucial.

"My school is diabetic friendly. All the kids know my son and in case of an emergency know what to do," Flores said.

"As a community we need to see what we can do to change our lifestyles to help prevent diabetes, Sharyland PE teacher Kelli Ford said.

Nearly one in three people in the Rio Grande Valley are diabetic.

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