Willacy County parents kill daughter by taking insulin away

All is quiet at the Coronado home in Lasara, but two years ago, sheriff's deputies were called out to the home on 6th Street by Elias Coronado.

"He called 9-1-1 requesting EMS. He believed his daughter was deceased," said Sgt. Daniel Solis, an investigator with the Willacy County Sheriff's Department.

Solis says 16 year old Amanda Coronado was found lifeless in her bedroom inside her parent's home.

Her dad (Elias) and mother Maria were questioned by Solis who says they were very calm and not crying.

The couple now charged with causing the girl's death told the investigator they believed that the power of prayer would heal their daughter and that's why they removed an insulin pump she was dependent on as a stage 4 diabetic.

Amanda carried the small pump with her and it would inject the right amount of insulin she needed between meals.

"They were aware of the diabetes education once she was at the hospital getting the diabetes pump. She knew what to eat throughout the day," said Solis.

Three days without the pump was enough to kill the 16 year old girl who posted a picture of herself on Myspace, smiling and looking like any healthy teenager, just three months before her death.

Elias gets probation, while her mother who is now pregnant, awaits transfer to a mental health facility.

Willacy County will have to pick up the tab for the entire trip.

"She'll be transported to Vernon State Hospital, which to the best of my recollection is 8 miles south of the Oklahoma state line," said Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence.

Action 4 News went to the Coronado's home, but the woman who came to the door said the family had no comment, only that "it's all in God's hands."

Amanda TMs insulin pump was never recovered by authorities since her parents had thrown it in the trash.

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