Young girl's stander stolen from her Weslaco home

Her story beats all the odds.

Before Yanni Valadez was even born, doctor's predicted she'd die before taking her first breathe.

"They did not expect her to live past a day and now she's 8 and she's growing and she understand" said Deileen Sepulveda, Yanni TMs nurse.

The 8-year-old was born with Congential Hydrocephalus, which is a buildup of excessive fluid in the brain.

She suffers from respiratory problems and is diabetic.

She's also blind and has epileptic seizures.

In order to get her therapy that she needs....they ordered her a medical stander....

"It stands her up because we are her body said Deileen. she can't do anything, the stander helps her so she doesn't lose function in her body"

Because Yanni's house is full of medical equipment, Yanni's family is forced to store her chair outside on the porch.

But when they woke up one morning, it was gone.

"Grandpa had asked me if I knew where it was, I had noticed it missing a day ago, but everyone assumed that somebody had placed it elsewhere."

Now Yanni is not able to receive some of the therapy she needs, so her family reached out to KGBT Twitter account for help.

The stolen equipment cost about five to six thousands dollars to replace.

"It's upsetting...we are just hoping we get it back said Deileen. I TMm hoping that the person sees this and returns it back to her."

The serial number on the chair has been given to police, so if they thieves try and pawn it, they will be arrested.

As for Yanni -- it took over a year for her to receive the chair.

Because of the expense, her family fears Medicare will not pay for another one.

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