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      Money Talks: Hostess Gifts Under $5

      It's a busy time of year for visiting friends and family. Money expert Stacy Johnson offers up some host and hostess gift ideas for less than 5 dollars...

      Visiting friends is always fun... but flowers and wine as host gifts can really add up.

      But a nice gift for that host or hostess doesn't mean spending a ton of money. There are plenty of things you can do that are really fun and cheap.

      A cone of chocolate makes a fun gift... get a plastic floral bag free from the grocery and fill it with whatever chocolate you find on sale.

      Tie off the end and trim the plastic and you've got a great gift. A couple of glass candle holders from the dollar store and tea lights also make a simple gift. Pick up a gift bag while you're there or reuse one from home to keep the cost down.

      Another fun idea is games. Games like Uno and other kids of card games not only help you remember ld times, but they can help you create great new memories too. And the best part? You can get this stuff for less than $5.

      Take advantage of stuff you have around... fill an empty jar with candies, chocolate or tea bags to make a nice presentation.

      Or if you have some time, check out the handmade goods site, etsy.com and search for items less than five dollars.

      Remember, it IS the thought that counts, but if you do think ahead, you can bring your host a nice gift, without breaking the bank. For more ideas, go to moneytalksnews.com and do a search for "hostess gifts." For Money Talks News, I'm Stacy Johnson.