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      Nature Report: 71st Texas International Fishing Tournament

      The largest saltwater fishing tournament on the Texas coast is set for this weekend, and the 71st Texas International Fishing Tournament or TIFT is expecting to host more than 1200 anglers.

      Tournament president Chuck Fultz is anticipating a great turnout in both the bay and offshore divisions.

      Chuck Fultz, TIFT President, says, "This is the largest tournament on the coast, and you know we had 1200 last year like you said and this year ought to be just as good|Fishing has been excellent, and we should have a good turnout."

      Bay fishing has been outstanding, and the while the influx of floodwaters into the bay may force anglers to change their tactics there are plenty of good fish to be caught.

      Fultz says, "Well, the offshore division should be really good. We are hoping to have some nice big boats in. We have got pretty good registration on them|We should have a really good week offshore."

      TIFT is a great family event, and Chuck Fultz remembers his first tournament shared with his dad.

      Fultz says, "My dad brought me to this tournament in 67. I have been fishing it all my life|I have a great opportunity now being president."

      And family fishing is what TIFT is all about.

      Fultz says, "It's like a big family reunion. There are kids that have grown up in this tournament and know each other forever|The relationships they get from this tournament stick with them forever.

      With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore.