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      Nature Report: Alligator Tales

      Lurking along the banks of old meanderings of the Rio Grande in Deep South Texas are some huge alligators. These ancient predators prowl the murky waters in search of prey.

      However, predator becomes prey in the Rio Grande Valley with the annual alligator season running from April 1st thru June 30th.

      If you are interested in learning "How to catch an alligator and what to do with it when you catch it" then Leroy Overstreet of Arroyo City has just written the book.

      "Well, I first learned how to catch them when I was about 14 years old," said Leroy Overstreet, Alligator Author.

      Growing up on a Florida ranch surrounded by swamps, Leroy learned how to catch gators from a local legend, Rossy Clements.

      Overstreet said, "He knew more about alligators than anyone I have ever met in my life. He could tell you just what they were thinking almost."

      Before moving to South Texas, Leroy was a professional trapper for the state of Alabama.

      "I successfully resolved every single alligator complaint that I had for about six counties in west central Alabama," said Overstreet.

      Leroy's book will soon be available in sporting goods stores throughout the state, but if you want an early copy they are available on line at alligatorsandwildstories.com.

      "Anybody that wants to catch one can take this book and if you follow it step by step you can catch that alligator and know exactly what to do with it when you catch it," Overstreet said.

      Leroy is an energetic 87, and he has no plans to quit catching gators anytime soon.

      "I am planning on it. I already got three spotted and one of them is tremendous. I would really love to catch it."