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      Nature Report: Birding Adventures

      If you are going to live trap a red tail hawk, tangle with a bald eagle or capture a marauding kestrel, then James Currie and Jonathan Wood are the guys to call.

      Currie has traveled the world as host of Nikon's Birding Adventures TV, and he and raptor expert Jonathan Wood are here in the Valley filming a television special for their new series on birds of prey.

      "Really what it involves is looking at the potential conflicts that occur between raptors and people," said Currie.

      From a red tail hawk preying on a farmers chickens, a bald eagle that needs relocating or a kestrel attacking birds on a backyard feeder James and Jonathan are ready to help.

      Jonathan Wood said, "The two of us have gotten together and brain stormed for a new series called The Bird Hunter, so we are actually down not just for the Bird Festival, James and I, but we are actually filming a pilot for our new program The Bird Hunter for Animal Planet."

      "Our job is to come in there and mitigate that conflict or potential conflict that can exist between raptors and humans|capture the raptors and the release them, somewhere else so that people are not shooting and killing raptors," Currie said.

      Woods said, "We are going to give you guys a sneak preview, a little tease of some of the escapades that we go out on."

      And suffice it to say, these guys have some very exciting encounters with sharp beaks and powerful talons.