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      Nature Report: Birding Festival 20th Anniversary

      The 20th annual Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival runs from November 6 thru 10. Headquartered in Harlingen at the Municipal auditorium, this year's festival looks to be one of the most successful ever.

      Danny Hoehne, President, Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival, "We are right on track for everything this year. The numbers are fantastic. Almost every seat on every field trip is filled. We are maxed out." Some 750 people from 40 states, and five different countries are registered for the event and its field trips. "Then there are the locals that we really, really like to attract to the festival. They are basically the walk-ins that bring their families. We offer a lot of children's events and activities for the children. The trade show that is open every day of the festival is free to the public." Some of the biggest names in birding will be leading tours and speaking at this year's 20th anniversary festival. "We have a stellar group of celebrity birders coming in from around the country, David Sibley, Kenn Kaufman, Jon Dunn." Of course it is the birds that are the main attraction. "It's all about the birds. The Rio Grande Valley is arguably the premiere place in the United States to come, and no matter what activities we put on the birds are always going to be here." This year's Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival has something for everyone, and the public is encouraged to attend. "If you are local, please come visit. You don't have to spend money. Come see what is there and enjoy the day." With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore