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      Nature Report: Butterfly Festival

      Hundreds of colorful butterflies flit thru the blooming native plants at the National Butterfly Center south of Mission.

      And Max Munoz, manager of the center's grounds, knows them all.

      The Rio Grande Valley is home to an astonishing 300 plus species of butterflies, and more than 200 of them have been seen at the National Butterfly Center.

      "This is the main place. This is the only park in the whole U.S. that is dedicated just to butterflies, says Munoz.

      Butterfly season is beginning to peak and the National Butterfly Center and the Mission Chamber of Commerce are hosting the 17th Annual Butterfly Festival beginning Thursday, October 25 and running thru Sunday October 28th.

      "Saturday will be a community day. We will have the doors open to the public for free. Come on over. We will have a small parade. We will have an insect costume contest for children. We will have a lot of events for little children. We will have a lot of guides out here. If you want to find anything out about birds, butterflies, plants|we will have them out here."

      There will also be several guided tours to other butterfly hotspots and a number of featured speakers.

      Munoz said, "If people can come out and see these butterflies, see the beauty, see the natural land that we actually live in and start learning to appreciate it|there us another world out here, you just need to come out and see it."