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      Nature Report: Close Encounter

      The clash of antlers breaks the chilly dawn as Terry Neal begins the morning rattle.

      You never know what to expect when you hit antlers together, but by simulating a battle you hope to attract a buck looking for a doe or spoiling for a fight.

      At first, all you see are antlers moving thru the tall grass. A mature buck has heard Terry's rattling and is coming to check out the ruckus.

      As the buck strides into the open where Terry is now crouched, the two briefly make eye contact. The buck continues his steady approach, and when he is just a few feet from Terry, glances at him once again.

      Then he suddenly stops and begins making a scrape with his hooves. The buck is marking his territory right in front of Terry, and judging by the wide-eyed look in Neal's eyes he appears to be a little concerned about the proximity of this testosterone driven whitetail.

      Next, the buck does a lip curl as he attempts to get the scent of the scene. Lucky, for Terry, he apparently does not smell like a rival, and the buck moves off a few yards to make another scrape and rub.

      Terry Neal said, "There were several points there when I was a little concerned, when he kind of rolled his eyes and looked up at me you know. I am the only thing there ok|there is nothing else, but apparently he had something else on his mind and it wasn't me."

      Yup, Terry could have ended up skewered like this mesquite limb on the buck's sharp antlers, but enticing him in that close was a coup.

      If I had a bucket list that would have to be one of the things I would have to put on my bucket list here to do you know," said Neal.