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      Nature Report: Cracking the Antlers

      It's the first rattle of the morning, and we are in the South Texas brush country north of Edinburg eagerly waiting for what may appear.

      Lamar Smith from McAllen is an accomplished rattler, and as he tickles the antlers together he scans the brush for movement.

      He doesn't have to wait long. Suddenly, two bucks appear and almost immediately lock antlers. As they spar, testing one another's strength, another buck arrives to check out the fight.

      At first, neither buck seems to be able to gain the upper hand, but that soon changes as you are about to witness...

      Finally, the dominant buck routs his rival, and despite the serious battle both animals appear unscathed.

      Smith says, "Why is it every time you and I rattle something great happens. What were they ten yards from you?

      After stepping it off, Lamar confirms the battling bucks were indeed no more than 30 feet from my camera.

      Smith says, "The first rattle. I think that is pretty good."

      Lamar cracks the antlers together in a couple of more locations, and we raise a few bucks, but nothing quite as exciting happens as on that first rattle.

      And if you want to see more of Lamar Smith's hunting adventures then the second season of his show Brush Country Monsters is coming up on the Sportsman Channel.

      "It's going to be a great show. Check out Brush Country Monsters.com and keep up with that, and we are also on Face book so check us out," says Smith.

      With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore.