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      Nature Report: Cycling for a cause

      More than 60 cyclists with Team McAllen Cycling rode their bikes from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio this weekend.

      The cycling club is helping to raise awareness for spina bifida, which is a birth defect that occurs when the lower end of the spinal cord does not form properly in the developing baby and can cause paralysis and other serious health issues.

      Casey Swanson's daughter Susana has spina bifida, but it did not stop the precocious eight year old from welcoming the riders as they made their fist stop in San Isidro.

      Casey Swanson says, "Today, we are starting our two day ride to San Antonio and basically raising money for Spina Bifida Texas which is based in San Antonio and covers all of the Valley, all of South Texas|raising funds for them and trying to bring awareness to women to take folic acid that could help reduce the possibility of spina bifida occurring."

      Spina Bifida affects two in every 1,000 births in Texas, but by taking a prescribed dose of folic acid every day women who may become pregnant can reduce their risk of having a child with spina bifida by 70 percent.

      Swanson says, "Well, for one thing we like to ride our bikes, so se wan to encourage people in the Valley to live a healthy lifestyle, but at the same time we can do some good like I said by raising funds for Spina Bifida Texas and bring awareness to the folic acid issue."

      If you would like to contribute to Spina Bifida Texas or just learn more about this important health issue you can visit TeamMcAllen.org or SBTX.org.