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      Nature Report: Dove Season Changes

      With the special white-winged dove season opening this weekend, one thing you can be sure of is there will be plenty of Texas Parks and Wildlife game wardens out in the field checking to see that hunters are conducting themselves safely and are in compliance with game laws. There are several changes hunters should be aware of before heading out on opening day, including expanded hunting areas, as this year you can hunt white wing practically all the way to San Antonio. Jarret Barker, Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden, "That's right, they have really changed their nesting habits and where their range is and moved quite a bit further north." And don't forget that this year the season doesn't open until Sunday, September 1st. Barker, "It's not going to open on Saturday this year as it has in years past, so that is going to be a key thing to hold off until Sunday." Bag limits have also changed this season. Barker, "The bag limit is a little bit different this year than last year for the first two weekends. You can still shoot 15 birds but only two of them can be mourning doves and only two can be white tipped doves." Game wardens also want to remind hunters to be careful not to shoot over property lines and to avoid power lines. Barker, "Last year we had a couple of power lines from AEP, and they were major transmission lines that bring power to a lot of neighborhoods within the Valley, and when those things get popped there are some people that are pretty upset about losing power in their homes." With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore