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      Nature Report: Flourishing Wildlife

      It is a time of abundance in the South Texas ranch country. Ample rains throughout the year have helped produce lush habitat for deer and other wildlife.

      Contented herds of cattle move thru thick fields of belly high grass as frisky calves trail their mothers.

      The grass is so tall, that these young turkeys can hardly be seen as they stroll by, pausing occasionally for a little nourishment as they pick at the croton weed.

      A doe peacefully browses, enjoying the tender stems of fresh green grass. She probably has a fawn hidden nearby and will soon wander off to tend to her young.

      Still as a statue, a buck stands motionless behind concealing foliage slowly swiveling his ears like radar to detect any unusual noise.

      His liquid brown eye reflects the early morning sun as he steadfastly gazes ahead. His antlers are in full velvet. Soon, he will be shedding the velvet like sheath surrounding his newly developed antlers.

      It has been a very good year for antler growth in deep South Texas, and this fine buck has some 16 countable points.

      All wildlife is flourishing, and a nearby pond is home to a family of black-bellied whistling ducks. The ducklings are gathered protectively between the parents as they leisurely float along.

      Insect life is teeming, and a variety of colorful dragonflies flit about, occasionally resting for a few moments on a favorite perch.

      Life is good in the ranch country, and what a difference abundant rainfall has made in the often arid brush country of southernmost Texas.

      With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore.