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      Nature Report: Hunting License Time

      Hunting and fishing licenses go on sale Wednesday, August 15. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department issues approximately 2.1 million hunting and fishing licenses annually.Current year licenses expire August 31, but it is always good to purchase your new license before the end of the month to avoid the last minute rush.Licenses are available at Texas Parks and Wildlife's 28 field offices throughout the state, more than 58 state parks and at more than 1,600 retailers. You can also purchase your license online here. Hunting and fishing license sales are the primary source of income for the state's wildlife and fisheries conservation efforts and help fund a variety of important projects from hatcheries to law enforcement.Wildlife associated recreation is of major economic importance nationwide. According to the most recent survey data available form the United States Fish and Wildlife Service more than 87 million Americans spent approximately $122 billion dollars on hunting, fishing and wildlife watching in 2006 supporting hundreds of thousand of jobs in related industries and businesses.And it is hunters and fishermen that historically step up to pay the price for conservation. Hunters and fishermen fund nearly 75 percent of the annual income for all 50 state conservation agencies through license fees and excise taxes on firearms, ammunition, archery and angling equipment. Hunting season in South Texas is fast approaching, with the Special White-winged Dove Season set for the first two weekends in September, and don't forget to renew your hunting license and help support wildlife conservation.

      To purchase your hunting and fishing licenses, click here.