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      Nature Report: Lower Laguna Madre Fishing

      Every angler has their favorite time of year to fish, and that time is right about now.

      A lone fisherman slowly wades into a late summer sunrise on the Lower Laguna Madre.

      It is so calm the only sound is the angler's cast whipping line out over the tranquil water.

      The distant drone of an outboard momentarily breaks the silence, as a group of pelican's flies by, their wingtips skimming the placid surface. What a prefect time to fish the mother lagoon.

      The only thing that could make this a finer morning, would be to do a little catching, and it doesn't take Captain Terry Neal long to accomplish that.

      "Looks like a big red. Boy, she just inhaled that topwater didn't she?" said Captain Terry Neal. "Pretty fish for the morning isn't it."

      Not a bad way to start the day, for a fishing guide on his day off.

      "From now on is one of my favorite seasons. September and October it starts cooling off," said Neal.

      Late summer and fall is a wonderful time to be on the bay. The busy summer boat traffic has subsided, the weather is nice and the fish are plentiful.

      "Looks like another redfish, Richard," said Neal.

      Soon, Terry has the glistening red in hand.

      "It's awesome. It is like having the whole bay to yourself," he said. "You know, Richard, there is a lot of redfish in here."

      Terry keeps catching and releasing reds for a while and then gets into the trout.

      "Not a bad day," he said.