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      Nature Report: Magical Foggy Mornings

      Thick fog shrouds ranch senderos in cloaking mist.

      Fence lines and roads are enveloped in the haze.

      Fog disguises movement, dampens sound and lends a sense of mystery to the wildlands.

      A doe peers cautiously about ears flicking to detect any creeping danger.

      A lone gobbler appears from the silent woods and is soon joined by several more toms.

      As the sun begins to prevail, a turkey vulture spreads its wings to dry before taking flight.

      Far below a handsome buck slowly moves up a draw and seems in no hurry to make his morning rounds.

      You never know what you may find staring out from the woods once the fog lifts, or how long the creature has been watching.

      It is not unusual for mature deer to be cautions, and this big ten point gazes warily from behind concealing mesquite.

      He is unwilling to venture out into the open, but briefly emerges in a gap in the brush before disappearing.

      As the day progresses more bucks appear, and it is apparent the winter rut has taken its toll.

      This brawler has snapped off his right main beam in battle.

      Another buck reveals a broken left brow tine, while this one has lost both.

      As dusk begins to fall and before the next fog rolls in, a magnificent 14 point materializes.

      He stands alert for mere seconds before slipping soundlessly away.