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      Nature Report: Majestic Buck

      At first glance, all we can see are antlers above the tall grass. A buck swivels his head and peers intently at a doe concealed in the thick grass. When she walks away he follows, and they vanish in the brush.

      When they reappear he is focused on an approaching buck, and as his head turns we can clearly see the magnificent sweep of antlers. The doe is on alert too, as her suitor bristles up to challenge the interloper.

      The fight was a memorable one with a big eight point, and this buck was victorious. He was impressive a year ago, but has matured. He retains that distinctive split on his left G-2, and now has more mass, tine length and points, 14 to be exact.

      After successfully thwarting any further advance by rivals, (his impressive antlers alone seem to provide sufficient deterrent), he returns to browse, as the object of his affection calmly munches on a nearby husiache. The buck maintains a respectful distance from the doe, and we keep back not threatening the pair.

      The doe lies down beneath the thorny huisache, and the buck also reclines.

      After a brief nap, the doe rises and moves slowly off. Her antlered shadow follows, and we leave them undisturbed.

      With you Nature Report I'm Richard Moore.