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      Nature Report: Majestic Whitetail

      First light reveals a handsome whitetail buck regally surveying his surroundings.

      Standing almost motionless, save for a brief turn of the head and an occasional flick of his ears, the buck calmly yet alertly scans the surroundings for any hint of danger.

      His impressive rack is wet with the morning dew and glistens in the rich early light.

      The only sounds are subtle birdsong, and the buck occasionally swivels his ears to better detect any unusual noise.

      Slowly, he begins to amble off, but then throws us head up to gaze at some distant sound or movement and for what seems like several minutes remains perfectly still...before finally vanishing into the woods.

      As the day brightens, another fine buck appears in a field of tall sunflowers and for a few moments he poses in the open, occasionally flicking his tail, before leisurely strolling off.

      Later, a heavy antlered buck moves thru the oaks, carefully shielding himself with the trees to disguise his presence.

      Finally, he leaves the shelter of the woods, but almost immediately something rivets his attention and he throws his head up to peer in the direction of the perceived threat|then suddenly with a loud snort he flees.

      As the day progresses, other deer emerge from the thick brush, but it is late afternoon almost evening when this impressive buck materializes along the edge of the cloaking woods.

      He poses briefly in the late light, his burnished antlers gleaming in the golden glow of the setting sun, and then something startles him and he slips back into the woods.