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      Nature Report: Morning Fog

      A hint of color blushes the eastern sky as the brush country of Deep South Texas starts to stir.

      Fog shrouded morning's posses a hint of magic and there's a special allure as to what the day will reveal.

      Slowly, the sun peeks thru the enveloping fog, as early morning bird song greets the dawn.

      But fog is tricky, and suddenly like a rolling terrestrial tide it flows back over the brush, covering the thorny chaparral in a thick mist and silencing the avian chorus.

      And then, just as quickly as it swept in the fog begins to vanish. Shrouded senderos are partially revealed, but the fog seems reluctant to completely lift its misty cloak.

      A pair of young bucks playfully spar, their antlers locked in mock combat as they tentatively test one another's strength. Clicking the tips of their antlers together they gently push one another back and forth their antlers wet with dew. Abruptly, they break apart and both stare off into the misty brush.

      As the fog grudgingly releases its grip on the land, a vulture spreads its wings to dry them in the warming sun before taking flight.

      The brightening day reveals a frisky young ten point that snorts in alarm and then bounds away, but not before one last look over his shoulder, just to be sure nothing is following him|.

      In the final light of day a majestic buck pauses at the edge of the brush before slipping off into the chaparral, and it's time to anticipate what the next day's fog shrouded dawn might reveal.

      With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore.