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      Nature Report: National Butterfly Center

      If you are looking for a quiet spot to take a summer stroll and see some of the most beautiful butterflies in North America, then the National Butterfly Park just south of Mission is the perfect place. Marianna Trevino Wright is the Executive Director of the park, which is one of the best locations in the nation to see butterflies. Marianna Trevino Wright, Executive Director National Butterfly Center, "There is always something going on out here. You know, we are the butterfly beltway for North America, and in the summer we get these winds from the south that bring in some of our tropical strays and a lot of subtropical species, and the Rio Grande Valley has more resident butterflies than anywhere in the United States." Some 300 different species of butterflies have been documented in the Valley from migrating monarchs to strikingly beautiful red-bordered pixies. Wright, "So, you never know what you are going to see. We say come out in the morning, that way the humans can avoid the wilting heat, but the butterflies get active around 10am." And the National Butterfly Center is a wonderful place for families to enjoy. Wright, "This is a great place to bring their children. They can connect with the wilderness in a safe, relatively controlled setting, and we have Critter Camp thru the whole month of July. So we have different themes and you can do one week or all four weeks, but the kids are here in the morning and they are going to get hands on close encounters with wildlife, valuable life lessons and arts and crafts of course." Wright, "If you are interested in Critter Camp then check out our website it's, and you can read the camp description and register online." With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore