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      Nature Report: Ocelot Conservation Day

      If you want to see a rare ocelot up close and personal and enjoy a fun day with the family then the upcoming Ocelot Conservation Day is the perfect opportunity. Marion Mason, United States Fish and Wildlife Service Ranger, "We have a great even planned for this year it is March 8th at the Gladys Porter Zoo from 10 to 4. It is very family friendly.

      We have Lucas Miller the singing zoologist coming. He is entertaining, educational, and he will have you on your feet dancing, moving, and learning about the environment and nature.

      He will have five performances on Saturday, and each of those will be followed by an appearance of the live ocelot from the Cincinnati Zoo and your chance to see that beautiful cat and learn some of the issues that he is facing right here in the Valley." In addition to seeing a live ocelot and enjoying the music of Lucas Miller, there will be fun and educational activities for the entire family. Mason, "There's activities for the whole family. We have lots of kid's crafts activities. There are talks for both adults and special programs for children in addition to the live ocelot show." And the best thing is that Saturday's Ocelot Conservation Day is free. Mason, "Ocelot Conservation Day event is free at the Gladys Porter Zoo. There is a zoo admission fee, but if you mention the word ocelot at the gate you will get a 20 percent discount for adults and children. So don't forget to mention ocelots." And if you want to attend a special fundraising event supporting the ocelot, then the Ocelot Soire is set for Friday evening. Mason, "It is called the Ocelot Soire, and that will be held Friday night March 7th form 6 to 9 pm also at the Gladys Porter Zoo, and you can buy tickets they are $50 per person, call the refuge and they can get you the tickets, and it is going to have a live auction and a chance to see the ocelot up close and personal." With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore