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      Nature Report: Quinta Mazatlan

      Step thru the gate to Quinta Mazatlan, and you enter a lush oasis of native plants and wildlife within the bustling city of McAllen.

      Home to wild chachalacas and winding trails, Quinta Mazatlan beckons visitors with its beauty and tranquility. Colleen Hook, Manager Quinta Mazatlan, Quinta Mazatlan is an urban sanctuary. We are 17 acres, and we have trails that go thru the woods. Once a private residence built in the 1930 TMs, the historic hacienda and property is owned by the City of McAllen and opened to the public in 2006. Quinta Mazatlan is one of the Rio Grande Valley TMs nine World Birding Center sites.

      The luxuriant grounds feature an impressive variety of native plants and wildlife that attract bird watchers and nature enthusiasts from throughout the world. Eric Bruhnke says, It really is a very special gem within the Valley.

      It TMs beautiful. It TMs diverse, and for as small as it is it really packs a punch from a bird watching aspect and just nature viewing all around. The mission of Quinta Mazatlan is to preserve the historic estate with its native plants and animals while providing a sanctuary for eco-tourism and environmental education. Colleen Hook says, We have a lot of programs year round. Every Thursday evening we are open at night, and it is a fabulous time to go on the trails when it is cooler and then be educated with a speaker or some sort of demonstration. Tuesday TMs and Saturday TMs we have casual bird walks|a lot of programs for children, a lot of scout badges that can be accomplished here. So, we design our programs for all ages and all interests.

      Quinta Mazatlan has something to offer everyone, and its all right here within the city limits of McAllen. With your Nature Report I TMm Richard Moore