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      Nature Report: Redfish Release

      Imagine the thrill of catching a tagged redfish and winning a $70,000 prize.

      Nine prize worthy redfish were recently released in the Lower Laguna Madre for the 21st Annual Coastal Conservation Association State of Texas Anglers Rodeo Tournament which runs from May 29, thru September 6.

      "The first five out of the 60 we turn loose on the Texas coast will win a Ford F-150 truck, a Haynie Bigfoot boat, McClain trailer and a Mercury Optimax motor,"said Bob Brumby from CCA Redfish Release Team.

      The second five tagged reds caught by registered anglers in the CCA STAR tournament will claim a boat, motor and trailer.

      "It's $25 to join CCA, $20 to enter the STAR tournament| the odds are much better than the lottery," said Bob.

      Captain Terry Neal of Port Mansfield has been a CCA supporter for many years, and once again helped release the tagged redfish.

      "From Port Mansfield south all the way to the causeway at Brazos Santiago now|beautiful water, lots of fish. Gosh, if you don't buy your tournament ticket you are really missing out, because we are putting them out here today you know.

      Tomorrow you can come out here and catch them and maybe win $70,000 worth of boat, motor trailer and truck," said Terry.

      Proceeds from the CCA STAR tournament go towards marine conservation, including Texas fish hatcheries that help stock the state's bays.

      "If you are going to fish Texas and take fish out you ought to help us put some back," said Bob.

      With Your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore.