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      Nature Report: Santa Ana Refuge 70th Birthday

      Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge is having a birthday party, and you are invited. The 2,088-acre refuge south of Pharr on the banks of the Rio Grande is turning 70, and lots of family activities are planned.

      "We have our 70th birthday party coming up, so the refuge was founded in 1943. We are the oldest public nature site here in the Rio Grande Valley, and we are celebrating our 70th birthday party on Saturday January 26th," said Jennifer Owen White, Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge Manager.

      Birds, bobcats and other creatures that make their home at Santa Ana will be in attendance, and everyone in the Valley is invited to join them.

      White said, "The refuge is open for free that day. We will be having tram tours, nature walks, lots of crafts and games, birthday cake|all sorts of fun things. And a lot of our partner organizations are coming out like Gladys Porter Zoo and Sea Turtle Inc, Bentsen State Park, the Edinburg Scenic Wetlands, Laguna Atascosa|so they will all be coming out and doing some activities as well."

      A celebratory day filled with a variety of activities promises fun for everyone.

      "It will be great for families, great for winter Texans, great for young people looking for something to do on the weekend and great for our entire community to celebrate their national wildlife refuge, said White.

      So come out and enjoy Santa Ana National Wildlife, the jewel of the refuge system.

      "This habitat here exists almost no where else in the world, and Santa Ana protects the last remaining bit of this riparian habitat right along the river."