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      Nature Report: Spoonbills Nesting Season

      Wading the shallow waters of the Lower Laguna Madre roseate spoonbills busily probe for shrimp, fish and small crustaceans.

      With their rich pink feathering and distinctive spoon shaped bills, spoonbills are among the most recognizable birds of the bay.

      It is peak nesting season for the colorful birds, and these colonial nesters share Green Island and a handful of spoil islands with other wading birds

      Even at a very young age you can tell these chicks are indeed baby spoonbills, as their spatula shaped bills are already taking shape.

      When a parent arrives to feed them, the two downy youngsters become very excited in anticipation of a meal.

      Opening its bill, the adult allows a baby to thrust its head up into the opening and receive a regurgitated mix of nutritious food.

      This procedure allows for very little loss of the precious meal and after a pause the process is repeated several more times until both offspring are fed.

      It takes numerous feedings, but finally the youngsters settle down.