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      Nature Report: Unending Season

      Whitetail deer season ends this weekend, Sunday, January 20th, and it has been a remarkable year in the South Texas ranch country.

      Opening weekend was highlighted by the appearance of an impressive brush country buck that simply took your breath away. What a way to open the season, with a magnificent typical 14 showing up at dawn on the fist day of deer season.

      And before the season even began, I encountered this majestic buck in the low fence ranch country north of Raymondville. At sixteen plus points, a prominent drop tine, with tremendous antler mass and width, he was truly the buck of a lifetime.

      This handsome buck was out along the coast early one morning surrounded by sunflowers. His glistening antlers covered in dew as he surveyed his territory. He seemed in no hurry to depart, and for several minutes remained almost motionless taking in his surroundings, occasionally lifting his head to detect a scent or swiveling his ears at some slight sound.

      While pursuing deer with rifles ends soon, that doesn't mean you can't still hunt for trophy bucks.

      Photography season is open year round and there are no limits. Whether you are using a gun or a camera, it is still hunting.

      Many of the same hunting skills are required to shoot with a camera; however taking good pictures can be more challenging.

      When you pull the trigger, the hunt is over, but with a camera you have the satisfaction of capturing your trophy in video or photos|the hunt never really ends and there are no limits.