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      Nature Report: Valley Sportsmen Club 65th

      Since 1948, Valley outdoorsmen have had a local organization that has faithfully represented their hunting and fishing community.

      The Valley Sportsmen Club is the oldest conservation club in South Texas, and they are about to celebrate an historic milestone. Pete Moore, President Valley Sportsmen Club, The Valley Sportsmen Club was founded 1948, and we are having our 65th annual meeting, and we are really excited about it. The venerable club has accomplished a lot over the years, and was one of the driving forces behind the removal of commercial netting from the Laguna Madre and making trout and redfish game species.

      They have also spearheaded efforts to remove tons of dangerous debris from the bay and make it a safer place for boaters. This year TMs annual meeting will be held Thursday evening, February 27th at 6:30 pm at the Rialto Reception Hall in downtown Harlingen. Moore, We just encourage everyone to come out. We are going to have a great program. It is going to be Richard Moore TMs latest DVD on the Birds of the Lower Laguna Madre, and it is really a great production and exciting to watch. There will also be plenty of great BBQ and lots of door prizes. Moore, We have a ton of door prizes for everyone, and you have got a really good chance of winning something really good. Come on out Thursday night and renew your membership in the Valley Sportsmen Club. You will enjoy some tasty BBQ and maybe win a prize. I look forward to seeing you there. With your Nature Report I TMm Richard Moore