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      Nature Report: VNC Building Fundraiser

      A world of fascinating natural wonders is tucked away in downtown Weslaco, and for some 30 years the Valley Nature Center has served the people of the Rio Grande Valley.Winding nature trails throughout the six-acre site offer visitors the chance to learn about wildlife and native plants. Annually, the Valley Nature Center serves more than 16,000 students, hosts some 10,000 nature visitors and thru its outreach programs reaches approximately 65,000 people. The popular nature center is moving forward to serve even more people with a new state of the art educational building, and Center Director Martin Hagne is excited about the project.This building which we call state of the art, in so many ways, not just environmentally friendly, but also in educational use. It is 7,500 square feet, and it is going to be full of brand new awesome educational components|all sorts of different displays including live animals, and it is going to be unlike anything we have here in the Valley already as far as an educational center," said Hagne.A special fund raising event is set for Saturday evening September 22 at the Nature Center to help raise money to complete the project."Brew in the Woods which is a new little concept we have thought up here|torch lit trails in the evening from six to nine, and we will have stations all thru the nature park in the woods where you walk out on the trails and come and taste your favorite little exotic and different brews here in the woods|come out and have a little beer tasting so to speak, Hagne said.