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      Nature Report: Wildlife Magnet

      A bright red cardinal greets the dawn from a lofty perch in the ranch country of Deep South Texas.

      Just below the vibrant cardinal, a redwing blackbird enthusiastically indulges in its early morning bath.

      Joining the redwing blackbird in the morning ritual is a mockingbird.

      After completing its ablutions, the mockingbird perches on a sun drenched branch to dry its feathers.

      Throughout the morning, a variety of birds come and go at the remote pond...some lingering to bathe and others simply sip a quick drink.

      As the day warms, a bobwhite quail arrives to wet its feathers at the ponds edge.

      Perhaps, feeling rejuvenated after cooling off| the quail suddenly begins calling and then fluffs out its feathers before once again nestling pond side.

      As the shadows begin to lengthen, a pair of whitetail deer suddenly materializes.

      They have padded in soundlessly and are contentedly lapping up the tepid water.

      The doe and her yearling buck companion are so close you can see the life shine in their eyes.

      The late afternoon sun is reflected in the young bucks soft brown eye surrounded by long delicate lashes.

      The doe is the first to slip away. Soon he follows her cue and slowly backs away from the water, quietly disappearing into the cloaking brush.

      More deer come and go, and finally the last doe steps back into the woods to begin browsing in the cool of the evening.

      But there is one last creature to visit the pond in the fading light.

      A large indigo glides in and sips briefly before slithering off into the gathering dusk.

      With your Nature Report I'm Richard Moore.