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      The Nature Report: Carolina Wrens Backyard Habitat

      Sometimes, you don TMt have to look any farther than your own back yard to find entertaining wildlife.

      The Carolina wrens nest in my back yard every spring, and in recent years they have selected a variety of creative cavities as home sites. Some years, they actually use the various bird houses provided, but often they are not satisfied with such ordinarily dwellings and seek out more unusual locations to raise their brood. Wrens are notorious for nesting in any available hollow, and if you leave your truck parked for too long in one place a pair of opportunistic wrens might just appropriate the vehicle.

      The spare tire mounted on the rear of this truck was just too tempting a nest site to pass up. Last year, my mail service was temporarily re-routed as a family of Carolina wrens took over the mailbox.

      For a couple of weeks, bugs were the only special deliveries airmailed in. This year, the wrens have once again selected a curious location to construct their nest.

      They have decided to make their home in the grinning countenance of a large ceramic sun hanging on a wall in the backyard patio. Just a few weeks ago, they spent several days carrying nest material into their new home.

      Now, they are busily feeding their brood as they dart in one eye and out the other. Sometimes, it can get a little crowded, and as one wren lands, the other flies out the mouth. A tasty worm doesn TMt last long with these sharp eyed pest controllers on the prowl.