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      The Nature Report: Doe and Buck

      At first, all you glimpse are glistening antlers in the tall grass, and then they vanish.

      When the buck next appears, he has emerged into an opening and is methodically rubbing his antler in the branches of a mesquite.

      He grasps the branches with his mouth and pulls them down to make better contact with his gleaming rack.

      After leaving his scent and his mark in the tallest limbs he can reach, he then makes a scrape by pawing the ground with his foreleg.

      When he turns, his rut swollen neck is evident.

      This buck has only one thing on his mind and that is a nearby doe that he is squiring.

      When she moves, he quickly follows. Like a fine cutting horse, he gallops off in pursuit of the doe.

      When she stops he stops. Scanning the area for any potential rivals, he spots one and momentarily leaves his consort to confront the interloper.

      His mere approach is sufficient to deter the other buck.

      However, just to be sure, he bristles up and pushes the satellite buck off.

      In the process, he almost loses his doe to another lesser buck, but he quickly regains her trail and then takes of in pursuit of his love interest.

      As the morning wears on he continues to escort her, never straying far from her side, and just to let everyone in the neighborhood know who is boss he aggressively tosses a few more branches around.